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Wallets become virtual. Apps on our phone store our coupons, tickets, gift cards, loyalty-cards and eventually even our money. Shopreme is specialised in the creation, distribution and tracking of virtual coupons & cards.

Taking a well-known Burger-restaurant as an example, Shopreme shows a banner-ad in some of the most popular mobile apps and news websites. Users tap the banner to instantly add a coupon for a ‘Free Milkshake with your Burger!’ to their Apple Passbook.

The next time he walks past one of the retail chains locations, the coupon shows up on the user’s screen (optional). It’s non-obtrusive, just a little reminder that he might be hungry.

Shopreme's Passbook-ads deliver the ultimate user-experience, resulting in a significantly higher conversion and allowing us to close the loop between mobile-ads and actual sales for the very first time.

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Create & Advertise Coupons

The Shopreme platform facilitates the creation, distribution and administration of Passbook campaigns. It is everything you need to start handing out mobile-coupons.

✓ Cross ad-network distribution

Reach the largest possible audience by distributing your ads on multiple networks at once. Target your ads towards specific locations or audiences. Shopreme helps you to make the right choices for the best results.

✓ Real-time Analytics

Your coupons are in the ‘wallets’ of thousands of customers. Our metrics instantly show you how they are used.

✓ Multi-platform

Having Passbook pre-installed on every Apple iPhone results in an extremely high adoption-rate and consumer trust. 
Shopreme has developed a standard that supports Android (Google) and other smartphones.

✓ A/B testing (BETA)

You manage what you measure. Shopreme helps you find out which ads best convert *A/B testing is still in development.

Publishers: coupons convert!

☻ Mobile coupons convert extremely well, providing the ideal format to fill your inventory.

✓ Traditional advertising formats do not work on mobile. They do not provide the experience that users expect from apps.

✓ Adding a coupon to Passbook by tapping a banner is a seamless experience. Users do not exit your app, coupons load fast and users trust the pre-installed apps such as Passbook. Happy users means amazing value for you.

✓ No implementation hassle. No SDK's or difficult code to put in your app or site. We work with all advertising networks and you can even address our API directly. Instant implementation, instant conversion.

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The team behind Shopreme has been making mobile apps for companies such as, PayPal, the Red Cross and since 2007. We have always strived for the best user-experience when building our apps.


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